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Shout out to Grinners!! Miss ya'll!
A storm brews on the horizon, but the Blacktooth Grin lives to fight the true enemy, the Alliance! May we forever claim victory over our enemies! LOK'TAR OGAR! QUAPLA'!
It's been so long. Glad to see the Grin is still kicking!!
We miss our errant Grinners. Come home when you can! <3

The Grin is hosting a battleground night every Thursday for members of the Dread Horde - tonight we had folks from Thunderhoof Clan, Dark Clan of Fenris and Thunderlord Clan to bring the fight to the Alliance. Great teamwork by all!

Gremmosh Grot Let battle be joined! Blood and honor friends! With the forces of the Blacktooth Grin and the Dreadhorde together, none ...

Rebirth of the Dread Horde

Felora Syth posted Mar 7, 16

Tonight saw a summit of guilds still active in the Dread Horde to add two new clans to our long-standing alliance. Members of the Grin, Thunderhoof Clan, and the Dark Clan of Fenris (along with the last remaining member of the Thunderlord Clan!) gathered in Mulgore to recount the history of the Dread Horde and ask those of Rutilus Luna and the Redwood Tribe to pledge themselves to our cause.

Afterwards, those gathered followed Umathyor, chieftain of the Thunderhoof Clan, in an assault on the Shrine of Seven Stars in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and then on to Ironforge to take out the dwarven council in their own throne room.

May the Dread Horde continue to be a thorn in the sides of many Alliance. Fear the Grin!

Grin Member Poll & Suggestion Box

Felora Syth posted Jan 20, 15
Hi everyone! We're trying to get an idea of member activity levels and what you'd like to see us doing (in addition to the usual burning and pillaging, of course). Your feedback would be appreciated - check out the forums for more information.
Pansu Grot I miss you guys -_-

RP Additions and Social Media

Felora Syth posted Jan 15, 15
A few new things have popped up on the site in the last week or so:

- I've announced winners for last month's RP story contest.
- The guild's previous (and epic) RP-PvP campaigns have been added to the Library. (If for some reason you are unable to access the Library, please let me know.)
- We now have an additional presence on social media. Please PM me on the forums or let me know in-game if you would like to be added.

Keep checking the forums for more updates! :)

Stormshield's Bane

Gorfrunch Chief posted Dec 23, 14

"It is no surprise that a Peacechief would fail miserably in war; Vol’jin endeavors to not surprise us. He directs High Warlord Volrath, an otherwise capable general, to blindly crash his wave against the rock. Soldiers are slain by the thousands, as the factions drown in one anothers’ blood in Ashran.

"Stormshield, they call their settlement. It hangs like a ripe fruit, guarded only from above, supplying the forces of the alliance with food and restful shelter. The fool Peacechief thinks only in straight lines, and he has drawn his line down the center of Ashran.

"The Blacktooth Grin has not survived years of battle in the swamp by fighting only along a single path. Our scouts lurk in shadows and pools; our forces do battle like the worg hunts, encircling and rending our enemies; our foes rarely know they are on a battlefield until our war cries fill their ears and our blades pierce their flesh.

"Our numbers are not such that we can fight the pinkskins in Stormshield head-on, but we shall be the thorns in their feet. We shall burn their supplies, kill their craftsmen, and cripple their infrastructure. The weary soldiers of the Alliance will find no rest, for our battlecries will haunt them, and the clash of blades in the night will shock them from their slumber.

"We shall sow terror in the hearts of those who dwell in Stormshield with what forces we can bring to bear, but once we have called on the old pacts and mustered the forces of the Dreadhorde, the pinkskins will feel the true might of our kind.

"Until that day, our task is simple, Blackteeth: we shall, by wing or by raft, make our way to Stormshield, and teach those there to FEAR THE GRIN!"

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