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So what's going on in the Grin guys!?
Not sure when ill be back im unemployed and a freakin bum damn near
Derp Urkela
Roxeeeeeey!!!! also was able to apply now....

New Site Launched!

Gorfrunch Chief posted Aug 18, 14
Throm'ka, Grin and visitors!

Welcome to the new home of the Blacktooth Grin.

If you're coming here from the other site and have yet to register, go here to do that. Make sure you add your highest ranking character in the Grin, and set them as your main (instructions should be in your confirmation email once your account is approved).

Felora has been hard at working compiling a library of Grin lore for us, and I expect we'll be seeing more in that department soon.

However, many of our old RP threads and useful posts will need to be migrated manually. If you have an RP thread that you have some sense of ownership over (especially your backstory thread), please consider migrating it yourself so you might be able to edit and update it without bugging a moderator.

If you have any questions, post here or bug me in game!

Proof-of-Concept Enjin Website

Gorfrunch Chief posted Aug 12, 14
Throm'ka, visiting Grin!

This is my first shot at a newer, better, and easier to maintain website for the Grin.

There are some clear downsides:
 - Re-registering is always obnoxious, but this would hopefully be easier than most.
 - Forum migration will be somewhat manual, but the most important threads will be done by the admins.
 - We lose some of the crazy level of customization that hosting our own site directly offered.
 - This site will cost more than our old one, but will take up less of my time. I'm willing to cover the difference by myself if necessary.

But there are also clear upsides:
 - Mumble integration and server. Vent sucks, Mumble is great, and auth is tied to the site.
 - Extremely customizable, and a lot of the stuff I wanted on the old site but never built is already baked in.
 - Anyone can run it. Anyone. I could pass off management of the site to any officer, and they'd be able to figure it out.
 - Maintenance is done by the enjin team, and I don't have to worry about security issues and such.
 - On site chat! We can have both IC and OOC chatrooms on the site!
 - Easier posting of news, media, and information.
 - TAGS AND AWARDS - Just wait and see. This makes so many things possible, and idiot-proof.
 - Built in application system that makes inductee tracking very easy.

Check it out and let me know what you think! If we like it and can get it working how we want, I think we should go for it and switch and over to it.
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